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Glass UV Bonding FAQ

We will continue to update this page as more queries come in that we think will be of interest to you.

Please send us an e-mail if your query is not listed below.

What is UV Bonding ?

Glass UV Bonding is the joining of two pieces of glass or glass to metal using ultra violet light with a curing adhesive.

How Strong is the bond ?

Stronger than the glass, in tests we have joined toughened glass to toughened glass and then tried everything to break the joint, the glass always breaks before the joint.

We have uploaded a small video to demonstrate the strength, due to the weight and that it was the 1st of its kind we tested for 24 hours before delivery.

I made sure the video had a mute button in case the generic music was annoying.

I have an old mirror or splashback can you uv bond a glass shelf to it ?

Yes, normal shelf sizes are 150mm by 1000mm for example.

Can you uv bond a fish tank ?

NO, The bond is not suitable for fish tanks due to the water, we recommend aquatic silicone for fish tanks

Can you repair my damaged glass UV bonded table.

Yes, we have repaired many tables that our customers have accidently damaged, the benefit of all our vans carrying UV bonding equipment is that the repair can be done on site. A photo of the damage can normally let us know if the repair is possible.

How clear is a UV bonded joint ?

Crystal, the adhesive has the same clarity as water.

Glass UV Bonding FAQ