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Mirrors FAQ

We will continue to update this page as more queries come in that we think will be of interest to you.

Please send us an e-mail if your query is not listed below.

Can a standard mirror be used as a splashback ?

Although in theory you could use any type of glass as a splashback we would recommend against using mirrors, they are not heat resistant and could crack when used behind a hob or from the steam of a kettle.

What is the largest single mirror size i can have ?

The size is normally dictated by the access available, 2000mm X 3000mm would be possible but not common. The mirror is normally split into the least amount of sections, for great examples see our home page.

How Can I protect my mirror from Steam in a bathroom or wet room ?

All our mirrors fitted in a bathroom, wet room area are backed in Metal Foil Backing as standard, this protects and prolongs the life of the mirror.

My wall or ceiling mirror needs to be shaped ?

No problem, when we measure we take all the measurements and templates, a photo sent with your enquiry would be helpful for quoting.

How do I stop my mirror from steaming up in the bathroom ?

We stock a wide range of heat pads that will de-mist the area of the head pad, they are fitted to the back of the mirror and connected by a qualified electrician.

How many types of antique mirror do you have in stock ?

Approximately 12, as our stock level changes due to ongoing projects, we can advise on stock levels when you enquire.

We have included a short video with the five most common used antique mirrors below.

How many different colours of tinted mirror are available ?

Blue Silver, Bronze Silver, Grey Silver and Peach Silver.

Can you do cut-outs for sockets in Mirrors ?

You can have cut-outs for most things, single and double electrical sockets, cooker switches and pipe work if needed. Please see the photos below.

Can you bevel glass / mirrors ?

Yes, currently we can do up to a 45mm bevel.

Do you send out samples ?

Yes, we charge £20.00 plus VAT Per sample to cover postage and handling, when you place an order your sample fee is discounted from your invoice regardless of how many samples you have had, for example if you ordered two samples at £40.00 plus VAT your invoice will be credited by £40.00 plus VAT.

If you have a project that we are working on and you need any samples then they are free of charge and the above would not apply.

Mirrors FAQ

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