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Glass Splashbacks FAQ

We will continue to update this page as more queries come in that we think will be of interest to you.

Please send us an e-mail if your query is not listed below.

Why should you only use toughened glass as a splashback ?

Heat is the main reason to use toughened glass especially behind hobs, normal glass will crack when subject to the heat from hobs in a kitchen. The glass behind a hob must be toughened as standard to BS6206.

What is the difference between low iron and standard glass ?

The iron content in normal glass has a green tint, removing the iron content to a lower level removes the green tint producing a clear glass. The green tint in normal glass adds to the finished colour of the splashback. For example if we used pure brilliant white paint on low iron glass the end result would be very close to pure brilliant white, the same paint on normal glass would result in apple white.

Please see photo at the bottom of the page.

Do you send samples ?

As you can have virtually any colour you like we only make up a sample board after an order has been placed, we will use the colours that you like and make a strip of low iron glass with the colours on for you to decide. You can have as many as you need and you will only be charged for the paint.

My splashback needs to be shaped ?

No problem, when we measure we take all the measurements and templates, a photo sent with your enquiry would be helpful for quoting.

What colour splashbacks are available ?

Although a RAL code is standard you can have any colour that is currently being manufactured by all the major brands, you can even provide an oil based egg shell of the colour your kitchen is being painted and we can use that.

Can you do cut-outs for sockets in splashbacks ?

You can have cut-outs for most things, single and double electrical sockets, cooker switches and pipe work if needed.

Glass Splashbacks FAQ